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Frontier Risk Management provides trading discipline and risk management for agricultural producers and processors. Using futures and cash trading experience in the hog, cattle and grain markets along with sound fundamental research, we can assist clients like you with risk management decisions.

We offer full service brokerage to hedging interests as well as the individual speculator. Our team of professionals serves clients throughout the trading session along with extended pre- and post-market hours. We develop market strategies for clients utilizing both futures and options with an emphasis on asset management for their specific operation. The dedicated trading floor staff at Frontier provides our brokers with constant floor commentary, as well as timely handling for Frontier's customers' orders.

Our experienced back office staff is dedicated to quality assurance and timely and accurate trade processing. To help you manage your account(s) at Frontier, we offer an e-mail account statement option. In addition to working with hedgers, Frontier's Associates also manage speculative trading accounts for individuals. Our associates' experiences in the commodity production industry allow us to better serve your needs.

The Research at Frontier Risk Management is based on our collective years of experience and is recognized as one of the best in the industry. Combining some of the industry's most advanced econometric and time series models for price analysis with an extensive database, the Frontier Research Department keeps the market in focus without missing the big picture.

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Futures trading involves risk of loss. Investors may lose an amount even greater than their original investment.
You should carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial condition.